5 Tips to maximize the enjoyment of tanning beds

An increasing number of individuals are choosing to obtain their tan from a tanning bed instead of by laying out in direct sunlight until their skin becomes tan.

That’s generally because many individuals consider tanning beds to be safer than direct sunlight because the amount of light can be controlled and because tanning beds can be used in any type of weather due to being located indoors.

Here are several tips that individuals who prefer to use tanning bed may want to take into consideration in order to get the maximum enjoyment out of their tanning experience.

1. Consult with your doctor before begging a tanning regiment with a tanning bed

One of the most important tips to follow when beginning a tanning regiment with a tanning bed is to consult with your doctor first if you are regularly or currently taking any type of medication (oral, topical, or injectable).

Some individuals taking certain medications may experience a reaction to the exposure to UV rays in the tanning bed and some of the complications that may arise can be very serious and cause a health risk.

By consulting with your doctor prior to tanning in a tanning bed, you will greatly reduce your risk of having a medical reaction to the UV rays.

2. Take care of your lips in the tanning bed

Other thing that you should keep in mind when tanning in a tanning bed is that the lips do not produce melanin and can be damaged by the UV rays of the tanning bed.

The best way to avoid damaging the lips while tanning is to put sun block or lip balm with an SPF rating on them prior to your tanning session. Using a lip balm before the tanning sessions will not only protect your lips, but will keep them kissably soft as well.

3. Protect your eyes from the UV rays of the tanning bed

Your eyes will also need protection from the UV rays present in the tanning bed during your tanning session.

Many different retailers sell goggles that an individual can use during their tanning session to protect their eyes and most tanning salons will provide protective goggles to their clients free of charge.

Some individuals choose to protect their eyes with other items, such as moist cucumber slices or pads containing eye serums, because of the perceived benefits to the eye when using these items.

4. Moisturize your skin before the tanning session

Skin that is clean and moisturized receives the greatest benefit from tanning in a tanning bed, so it is important for individuals that would like to have a good tanning session to ensure that they moisturize their skin both before and after their tanning session.

Some skin moisturizers are specially formulated to be used by individuals that prefer tanning in a tanning bed, but virtually any moisturizer will provide the benefits needed.

5. Cover the less showed parts of your body

Some areas of your body may not be exposed to sunlight very often due to being covered with clothing a majority of the time.

Those areas will need to be protected during your tanning session because they are not used to producing the quantities of melanin necessary for tanning and may become damaged by the UV rays of the tanning bed.

Areas that have not been exposed to sunlight on a regular basis should be covered with clothing or a coating of sunscreen to ensure that the skin doesn’t burn.