Starting a tanning salon, cost and revenue guide

How much does it cost to open a tanning salon

Millions of people spend their time tanning in a salon instead in the sun, so it can be a very profitable business.

Yet before you can make any money from running your own tanning salon, you have to invest in the equipment and the property. The big question then is…

How much does it cost to open a tanning salon?

How much does it cost to open a tanning salon

The answer to that question is going to depend on where you live, if you will be purchasing new or used equipment, the quality of the equipment, and the location of where you plan to establish your business. In some cases, it is worthwhile to rent a building but other types you will save money if you simply purchase it outright.

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Another big ticket item you need to consider when opening your own tanning salon is the cost of your power source. A tanning salon needs much more power than most other businesses simply because of the number of tanning beds or booths operating at the same time.

You have to make sure you aren’t draining so much power that you blow fuses or your entire electrical system has a meltdown.

If possible, look to secure a building that once was a tanning salon, even if it was on a smaller scale than you wish to have for your own business. In most cases, the building will already be wired with the power source you need. Since any upgrades in this area have to be done by a professional, this will likely be very pricey.

One effective option if the building already has a great power source supply is to purchase voltage boosters. These cost about $150 each and they can offer you the additional power you need to operate your tanning beds. In most cases you will have to have them professional installed. You will need one for each tanning bed or booth as they are installed to the wall and the tanning equipment is plugged into them.

Tanning salon startup costs

Tanning salon startup costs

On average, you can expect to need a minimum of $20,000 to get a quality tanning salon business running.

Remember that those individuals who come in to tan expect to have access to a clean environment, and equipment that works well. You will lose customers very quickly if these two elements aren’t in place.

Even with the various health concerns surrounding tanning, millions of people continue to do it. However, you need to invest in safety features including emergency turn off switches to the tanning beds. You also need to invest in high quality tanning goggles for proper eye protection.

Therefore, it is worth the added investment to secure a quality location as well as to pay for good tanning beds and booths.

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Most individuals who tan with share the information about a given tanning salon with their friends, family, and co-workers. The information they share about your business can lead to more customers or it can result in people staying away from your business.

The internet offers some amazing tools to help you calculate exactly how much it is going to cost you to open a tanning salon business.

Those tools are free and very easy to use. They allow you to enter the cost of the building you will be purchasing or leasing, the cost of the supplies you will use, the cost of the equipment, and you can even estimate the cost of electricity and employee wages.

Using these tools, you can get a much better idea of how much is will cost you to open a tanning salon. This information can serve as a very valuable piece of a persuasive marketing plan should you need to approach any type of lender to secure funding to get your tanning salon off the ground.

How much income do tanning salons usually make?

How much income do tanning salons usually make

The tanning industry is one that attracts millions of people each year, so it is logical to believe you can make money operating your own tanning salon.

You may be interested in finding out just how much money you can make with such a business venture. That dollar amount depends on many factors that we will discuss.

Tanning salons are profitable but you need know this

Tanning salons are profitable but you need know this

First, it is important to realize that any tanning salon experiences peak volume of customers during the late spring and the summer months. You will have those individuals who choose to tan on a regular basis all year long, but the majority of your customers will be seasonal.

Therefore, it is a good idea to look at the amount of money you will make on an annual basis instead of on a monthly basis. In many cases, the more tanning beds and booths your tanning salon offers, the more money you will earn. Yet you will still have to pay for this equipment when it isn’t being used very much.

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It will be very important for you to balance the monthly cost of operating your tanning salon with the income you can expect. You don’t want all of the income you earn during the busy months to be spent on operating expenses during the slower times of the year. Realistically, you should have a five year plan in place that allows you to pay for all of your tanning equipment during this time period.

Doing so will help you keep more profits for your tanning salon over the long term. You will also have the funds available to cover any replacements or repairs for the tanning equipment. Any profitable tanning salon has to keep their equipment operating at its best to keep customers coming back.

Another factor that will influence the income you make from your tanning salon is the amount of competition. Some towns have a tanning salon on every corner while others have only a handful that try to meet the needs of everyone.

You will have to take a look at your competition as well as their prices. You need to provide customers with quality tanning services at a reasonable price to get their business and earn any money from it.

Since the money you earn from a tanning salon fluxuates so much, many owners offer additional services to compensate. This can be providing manicures, pedicures, selling beauty supplies, cutting hair, massages, or any other profitable business that can be done in conjunction with operating a tanning salon.

The income of tanning salons is BIG

The income of tanning salons is BIG

Each year, tanning salons bring in more than $11.2 billon in gross income. Therefore, it is very reasonable to believe you can have a successful tanning salon business.

Of course the amount of money you earn is going to depend on the overhead for the building and equipment, the number of customers you have, and the amount of money you charge for tanning services.

You can maximize your income from operating a tanning salon by ensuring you offer quality services to all customers. You can also offer a package deal where they get a lower monthly price by paying for several months at one time.

Since everyone’s schedule is different, you can increase your customer base just by offering hours that extend from early morning until late evening.

You will find many great software programs that can assist you with all the aspects of your tanning salon business. You can schedule tanning appointments, track expenses, find out how much income you are making, keep track of inventory, create newsletters for customers, and many other customized features. This type of software offers you a great method for managing your tanning salon, and that will help you to increase the income you generate from it.