What are the different types of tanning lotions?

There are many different types of tanning lotions for consumers to choose from. It is important that you pay close attention to what each type has to offer.

What are the different types of tanning lotions

This way you will be sure to purchase the right type of tanning lotion for your needs. Since these products aren’t cheap, you don’t want to end up with products you won’t be using.

How tanning lotions works?

Tanning lotions are lotions generally containing a substance known as dihydroxyacetone DHA.

DHA is the ingredient that causes the skin to tan by reacting with the dead skin cells in the skin and causing a change in the skin’s color. This change usually lasts for about five days from the first application.

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The daily application of tanning lotions can keep the skin moisturized and can contribute to an even tan that will fade evenly and gradually.

There are two main types of tanning lotions, these are the bronzers and the sunless tanning lotions.



One of the most common types of tanning lotions are bronzers. They are used for sunless tanning, indoor tanning, and tanning in the sun. They are very popular because they instantly give you some color changing results.

Bronzers are available in different forms and tones. Bronzers can come as a cream, powder, lotion or gel formulations.

These substances are a type of makeup product that can produce a dark color on the skin by the water soluble dye component in the bronzer.

They are also easy to apply so your tan looks even and natural. Bronzers are available in a variety of shades so you can choose the one that best matches your natural skin tone.

They have an immediate effect and the temporary tan will also begin to fade immediately after the initial wash.

Sunless tanning lotions

Sunless tanning lotions

Sunless tanning lotions or self tanning lotions contain dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This substance interacts with the outer layers of the skin upon application and causes the tanning to take place.

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Sunless tanning lotions were first discovered in the late 1920’s by the Germans. The tan from a sunless tanning lotion is more permanent as compared to the tan achieved from the use of a bronzer.

These tanning lotions are proven safe and are very effective, however, this will require the individual to apply the substance frequently.

To achieve the best possible results when using a sunless tanning lotion, a shower must be taken to fully exfoliate the body and remove any dead skin cells. When applying, use disposable latex gloves or plastic gloves to prevent tanning the fingers and the palms.

These lotions should also be applied to small areas of the body to ensure an even tan. Loose clothes should be worn after the application of these lotions to avoid rubbing off any of the product and the lotion must be allowed to dry thoroughly on the skin before putting on any clothes.

The dangerous tanning accelerators

The dangerous tanning accelerators

Tan accelerators are also another group of tanning lotions, however, this group is proven to be ineffective.

Tanning accelerators do not work and can be quite dangerous for human use due the changes to the melanin that`s is produced by its use.

These substances have been reported to be the source of cancer in some mice and can also cause dangerous sunburn effects in humans.

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Considerations when using tanning lotions

Regardless of the type of tanning lotion you choose, make sure it is one that offers plenty of moisturizing properties.

Your skin will not tan well if it is dry and flaky because that means it is full of dead skin cells. Some people find they have the best skin of their life while using tanning lotions because of the great moisturizers they contain.

There are several brands of tanning lotions available and the most popular are Jergens, Lancome, Sun Laboratories Tan Overnight and Olay.

The best known advantage of the use of tanning lotions is the decreased need for sun exposure, thereby decreasing the risks of developing skin cancer.

However, the use of these lotions does not mean that any individual can forego some exposure to the sun. Sunlight is an essential aspect in the production of Vitamin D which plays an important role in maintaining normal levels of calcium, phosphorous and normal levels of blood in the body.

The application of tanning lotions is relatively straightforward. A color change can be seen after one application. Since these lotions come in different shades or tones, an individual new to the fake tanning process should start using a lighter shade.

A DHA concentration of 3% to 5% is optimal. This range of DHA concentration gives a slower tan and does not turn the skin orange. The best tan can be achieved after two or four applications of the product – applications should be done several hours apart.

Buff the skin or rub lightly with a towel to improve the tan. As for the facial area, fewer applications are needed. Sunless tanning lotions work well for people with medium complexions and is not recommended for people with sun damaged skin, freckled or older skin as well.

Most people experience no side effects when using tanning lotions, however, there are some minor side effects associated with the use of tanning lotions incorporated with DHA.

So far, only two reports of allergic reactions have been reported. Remember that sunless tans offer no protection against the sun, so be sure to use sunscreen before going outdoors.

Final words

It is important to understand what each type of tanning lotion has to offer. This way you can make sure you always use the right one to get the tan you want. Tanning lotion last for a very long time if you keep them dry.

You can easily store what is left over from one type of tanning lotion when you transition to the next type. Then you will have some when you start your tanning process again next year.