Types of tanning booths

Why spend countless amounts of hours outdoors trying to get a tan when you can achieve the same results by using the different types of tanning booths available?.

The use of tanning booths presents a more controlled manner of getting a tan. The amount of exposure to UV radiation from using this type of equipment is managed and set to a limited amount.

Tanning beds are a great innovation for the tanning industry. Its main use is mainly to accommodate the many tanners who want to get natural looking tans in less time and with minimal or no exposure to damaging ultraviolet radiation.

Tanning booths are designed as small rooms where the customers can get their tan while standing up. Tanning booths come in different types. The most common are the stand up or vertical tanning booths that have built in spray systems and the other kind is the tanning booth that uses UV bulbs to give the clients their tan.

Stand up tanning booths

Stand up tanning booths or vertical tanning booths are designed with tanning bulbs located behind Plexiglas to safely surround the client’s body while going through the tanning process. These booths are equipped with 48, 54 or 60 UV lamps.

These tanning booths work the same way as the sun in giving clients a tan. The customer is exposed to a controlled amount of radiation for a limited and preset amount of time. This exposure, together with the application of tanning bed lotions or tanning accelerators can aid in stimulating the skin’s production of melanin to develop a great looking tan.

A lot of tanning booths nowadays feature built in cooling fans to make the clients more comfortable while tanning. There are also some booths with speakers that broadcast music for the clients to listen to while undergoing their 20 minute tanning session. Stand up tanning booths are usually made of plastic, wood or steel and are large in area to comfortably accommodate a wide variety of body types.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of this type of tanning bed. This is mostly due to some studies made that point to the exposure to ultra violet radiation as a cause in skin cancer and other problems and diseases. However, despite these negative opinions on the use of tanning booths, its popularity among tanners is still high.

Sunless tanning booths or spray tanning booths

Spray tanning booths are another type of tanning booth. This type is much safer as compared to the vertical tanning booth. Spray tanning booths use a spray mechanism to apply a fine mist of tanning product over the client’s entire body.

Spray tanning booths use air compressors and a specialized airbrush delivery system. This system jets out a fine mist of tanning product through its nozzles housed in airbrushes to cover the customer evenly. Some of these tanning booths can have up to more than 30 air brushes that are either fixed in a certain position or are in constant motion.

The tanning product used for this equipment is usually made with the ingredient DHA or dihydroxyacetone. When DHA comes into contact with the top layer of the skin, it reacts with the dead skin cells and causes them to turn brown, hence producing the tanning effect.

A majority of the tanners who use this method of tanning testifies to its effectivity in providing excellent coverage to produce a natural looking tan. The results from using this type of tanning booths are professional looking, very even and smooth and cover the areas that are difficult to reach.

These spray tanning booths can be found at exclusive tanning salons and tanning sessions using this type of equipment can be rather expensive, coming up to about $100 for a few sessions that typically last for about an hour.

A lot of high quality tanning booths can be found in tanning salons or day spas which are sprouting up just about anywhere. The prices for the use of this equipment may vary but most salons offer promotional packages that include multiple tanning sessions, the use of tanning products and free consultation and advice.