Stand up tanning booths advantages

The typical tanning salon will house tanning equipment such as tanning beds and stand up tanning booths. A large number of Americans use tanning booths daily, and this number increases during the winter months.

Most tanning salons have an increase of customers around the time classes start in January and goes on until Easter.

Most people tan immediately before spring break to build up their base tans before going away to warmer locations like the Caribbean.

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Tanning is not an exclusive activity for women. A large portion of tanners are men, and the most typical way to tan nowadays is through the use of tanning booths and tanning beds.

For most people, getting a great and natural looking tan can be achieved through sun bathing and staying outdoors for long periods of time, exposing one’s self to harmful ultraviolet or UV radiation.

The body has its own built in mechanism for protecting itself from the damaging effects of UV radiation. The skin produces melanin to absorb the radiation. The production of this melanin causes the skin to darken in appearance, therefore producing a tan.

Characteristics and advantages of tanning booths

The use of tanning booths is geared towards the tanner who wants quick results and less exposure to the sun and ultraviolet radiation. For these people, sunless tanning is the best choice. Sunless tanning can be done with the use of lotions, sprays, tanning beds and other equipment.

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Tanning booths are an innovation in the tanning industry. It is usually made of plastic, steel, or wood and is usually an enclosed area or a small room where the tanner can stand and get his tan, either through UV lights or built in spray tanning devices.

A lot of controversies surround the use of tanning beds and tanning booths, most of it concerning the contribution of the use of this equipment to the development of skin cancer. However, despite this negative talk about tanning booths, its popularity is still soaring.

A type of tanning booth makes use of tanning bulbs mounted securely behind a layer of Plexiglas safely surrounding the client’s body. Most tanning booths also feature cooling fans to make the client’s session more comfortable.

The other type of tanning booth features built in spray mechanism that applies the tanning liquid through a fine mist sprayed over the client’s body. Spray tans are found at exclusive salons and can be very expensive. These tanning booths give a tan through the application of sprays containing DHA or dihydroxyacetone.

The DHA reacts with the dead skin cells on top layer of the skin and causes them to turn brown, therefore producing a tan. This method produces a good tan, very realistic and with excellent coverage. These tans last for roughly about five to seven days.

Vertical tanning booths or stand up tanning booths allow the client to undergo the tanning process while standing up. This position gets rid of the side strips and pale patches commonly associated with tanning beds. The upright position of the tanner also brings the rays closer to the body and into the most favorable range for the different areas of the body ensuring a natural looking, even tan.

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The vertical position of the tanner also guarantees normal tanning and reduces the occurrence of white spots. When tanners lie down on rigid, plastic surfaces, the shoulder blade area, under the hips and the back are subjected to a certain amount of pressure. This can reduce the amount of blood flow in these areas and will result in a tan that looks obviously artificial.

The upright design also keeps everything clean and hygienic. Some tanning beds can be unclean due to the frequent use and position of the tanners and the contact they make with the bed surface as they go through the tanning session.

Good tanning booths can be found in day spas and tanning salons. Prices for the use of this equipment may vary, but most salons offer promotional packages that include multiple sessions, tanning products and even some post tanning advice.