How to fake a tan using self tanners

Many people like the way they look when they are tan better than the way they look when they are pale. They believe that they look younger, healthier, and have a glow about them when they have a tan, but many of them are also aware of the dangers of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Many of these persons rely on self tanners to fake a tan and give them the appearance they desire while avoiding the dangers of sun exposure.

There are several things to keep in mind when you fake a tan using a self tanner. With self tanners, coverage is everything and being able to apply the tanner evenly is the secret to a great fake tan.

If the person rushes and does a sloppy job of applying the self tanner, spots will be missed which will appear as light splotches on the skin and any area that receives too much tanner will appear darker than the rest of the skin.

Self tanners provided by beauty salons

The most impressive types of self tanners are the ones provided by beauty salons, tanning salons, and spas. Although the services can be expensive, they provide the best tans with all over coverage and no streaking.

In fact, many of these facilities have policies stating that they will redo the treatment at no cost to the customer if streaking occurs.

There are several different ways that may be used to apply the self tanner in a smooth even coating to ensure that the tan is not splotchy or streaked.

Some salons offer a treatment that includes a full body exfoliation and the professional application of the self tanner to the entire body, ensuring a beautiful all over tan.

Other places offer airbrushing services, where a salon technician will hand spray a fine mist of self tanner over the entire body using an airbrushing gun or other distribution device.

The fancy tanning booths

The cheapest method of professional self tanning is spray tanning. These services may cost as little as $20 per session and only takes a small amount of time to complete successfully.

The person steps into the spray tanning booth and automatic jets spray the individual with self tanner from head to toe in an even and steady stream to create an even layer on the skin.

Applying self tanners on your own

If applying self tanner on your own, there are tips to follow as well to ensure that the layer of self tanner on the skin is smooth and even. If applying the tanner to your face, be sure to pull your hair back into a ponytail, bun, or braid before placing the tanner on your face, neck, and ears.

Many individuals miss areas on their face because their hair has covered the place or gotten in the way during the application. The self tanner should be applied to the rest of the body slowly and evenly and you may need the help of a friend to get the places that you cannot reach.