All about commercial tanning beds

Commercial tanning beds have increased in popularity as the tanning craze has continued to escalate. Many people want to get a great looking tan but only few have the time to go to the beach and get their tans naturally.

Most of these extremely busy people need to fit their tanning sessions into their busy schedules, hence the advent of tanning salons – a place where you can get your tan at any convenient time you want.

Commercial tanning beds

These tanning salons make use of equipment that is specifically designed to serve a number of customers before having to replace any parts. Tanning salons use commercial tanning beds for this exact purpose. Commercial tanning beds are also very easy to clean, ensuring proper hygiene and cleanliness for the many customers who use the facilities.

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The temperature in commercial tanning beds can reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit; hence the maximum time allowed for a person to stay inside a tanning bed is twenty minutes. Anything beyond that can cause damage to the skin, eyes and the individual’s immune system.

Types of commercial tanning beds available today

The most common design is probably the horizontal tanning bed. These tanning beds are usually six or seven feet in length and have covers or lids that close over a plastic or glass area designed to fit the user’s body. The covers are usually lined with tanning lamps, with a small portion on level with the facial area also covered with tanning lamps to provide a tan for the face as well.

Horizontal commercial tanning beds have been the most widely used design in the industry, however, some people find themselves uncomfortable lying down in cramped spaces.

A good choice for these tanners would be a vertical tanning bed, also known as a stand up or a tanning booth. The interiors of these vertical tanning booths are lined with tanning lamps that emit ultraviolet light a 360 degree area.

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Some commercial tanning beds are also designed to emit only a certain type of ultraviolet radiation – the UVA rays. These high pressure beds have lamps that are made out of quartz, allowing the lamps to filter out a majority of the unwelcome UVB radiation. These types of tanning beds come in a compact sleek design and are usually constructed with out any doors. These beds are also best for individuals with darker skin tones.

Other commercial tanning beds also come with accessories or add-ons that can make the user more comfortable while undergoing their tanning session. Some tanning beds have built in cooling systems and some have speakers to allow the users to listen to relaxing music while tanning.

Other benefits of tanning beds

Tanning beds, aside from providing a means for tan maintenance, can also help the body in manufacturing Vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential factor in the body’s maintenance of calcium levels. Sessions in tanning beds can also prove to be very helpful for people with osteoporosis and psoriasis.

Government agencies regulate tanning salons and the use of these types of equipment. All commercial tanning beds are required by the FDA to include a built in timer that can automatically power down the equipment at a preset time.

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Dependable tanning salons will have well trained personnel to provide assistance to their customers. These personnel are required to ask their clients the intensity of tan they want, and should examine their client’s skin tone and provide some input on the kind of tanning program the client should get.

They will also determine the amount of time the client needs to stay inside the tanning bed to get an optimal tan while still maintaining their safety. These salons should also provide customers with some form of protective gear for their tanning sessions and should have lotions available for clients as well.