Buying used tanning beds, tips and tricks of the business

Purchasing used tanning beds is a lot cheaper than getting new beds, but one needs to be extremely careful when purchasing a used tanning bed.

There are a lot of used tanning beds available and most of them can be easily found online. You can also find some used tanning beds at neighborhood stores or at tanning salons.

Shopping online for tanning beds

The easiest and most convenient way of finding used tanning beds is to go online and browse the numerous websites specializing on the sale of brand new or used tanning beds. Finding these tanning bed websites is also very easy, all one has to do is to search online using search engines by typing in “used tanning beds.”

One online search on this topic will yield thousands of websites featuring on used tanning beds for sale and other options such as branded tanning beds as well as brand new tanning beds.

The ease in finding used tanning beds ends there. Knowing the right amount and whether you’re getting what you are paying for is an entirely different matter.

Any would be buyer of used tanning beds has to make sure that the bed is returnable in case he finds something wrong with the bed. He should also find out whether the bed is still covered by its warranty.

Be careful in your choice

Buying used tanning beds is the same in some aspects as that of buying a used car. Just as if you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, you should find out the details about the used tanning bed you are planning to purchase, details such as its model, the year it was made and the bed’s outdated features.

Tanning beds are a fairly new technological product; however, older models are not very safe and may contain the older type of tanning lamps that emits UVA radiation. Type A ultraviolet radiation is known to cause the development of certain types of skin cancer.

The features of the tanning bed should also be checked. Do the built in mechanisms still function properly? Any part that does not function properly is not a good sign at all. Ask specific questions regarding the features of the tanning beds.

If you feel that the owner is selling the product because of some sort of defect in the features, then start heading toward the exit door. Any purchase of a malfunctioning product is not worth it financially and also healthwise.

A prospective buyer of used tanning beds should also ask why the owner is selling the tanning bed. There are certain dangers and risks that come with purchasing used tanning beds.

The beds might be defective or are against the law and are outdated. Any buyer should find out the reasons for selling to be sure that he is not being ripped off.

Most tanning beds with existing warranties might cost more but should be worth the investment. You should also try to check the prices of brand new tanning beds to make sure that you are not being cheated.

Most companies that are offering used tanning beds for sale feature two different kinds of warranties. One type would be the warranty that offers greater coverage but only for a limited period of time. The second type would be the warranty that has limited coverage but has lifetime coverage.

Be wary of companies that tell you that the tanning bed warranty has already expired – this usually means that the tanning bed has some defects.

Most used tanning beds that are on sale are offered at great prices. They are also very easy to find, however, you should not get too excited.

Be smart and be sure that you are making an informed decision. Research on all of your possible options; find out all you can about the type of the bed, the warranty that covers it and the post sale services offered by the company selling the tanning bed.