Where to find bulk tanning lotion supplies

You can save a fortune on tanning lotion supplies, especially if you are in the tanning salon business. Buying them in bulk allows you to make a nice profit from them.

Almost all of your tanning customers will want to buy the countless enhancers, boosters, and bronzers for their tanning experience. You won’t have any trouble moving such products.

During the spring and summer, anyone who operates on the various online auction sites such as eBay and Yahoo Auctions can buy tanning lotion supplies in bulk. This will allow you to sell them cheaper than the competition yet still make a good profit from your sales.

With that in mind, the big question is where can you purchase bulk tanning lotion supplies? You have several different options.

Purchasing bulk tanning lotion supplies

First, it is important to express how important it is that the bulk tanning lotion supplies you purchase are of the best quality.

Direct contact

One option is to contact the manufacturer directly. Explain that you are very impressed with their tanning lotion supplies and you want to find out how much you can save by purchasing them in bulk. Make sure you ask about shipping costs as well.

The online method

Another option is to visit various websites online that specialize in selling bulk tanning lotion supplies. Not only can you get great discounts this way, but you can get a bulk amount of tanning lotion supplies that contain a variety. Instead of 200 bottles of one brand of enhancer, you will get 50 enhancers and 50 boosters of two different brands for example.

In most cases, the manufacturer and the online sites will ask you for your business license number or verification to resale such products. The guidelines vary by state so you can contact your city administrator to find out the specific details of the process in your area.

Tanning lotion supplies are generally good for a very long time. If you don’t sell them all this season, store them in an area where they won’t get too hot or too cold.

You can then market them again next year. The only downside to this is that most manufacturers continually add new products to their line.