What`s the Bion Tanning system?

Bion tanning is a concept that applies to tanning your face, which is the hardest part of the body for many people to get a tan on.

Even in the winter months when the rest of your body is pretty much under layers of clothing you can add color to your face by using the bion tanning.

This is a very convenient method of tanning as it takes place in your own home. The tanning equipment fits on your counter or table so you don’t have to make room for it like you do tanning beds and other forms of tanning equipment.

How work the Bion tanning system?

It uses four 15 watt lamps and it is very energy efficient. It works well with the 100 volt or 120 volt set up that is found in the majority of residential homes.

Some people even take the bion tanning equipment to work with them. Instead of eating on their breaks or lunch hour they use the system in the business bathroom. This is a great way to get the most use out of your time as many of us have very hectic schedules to contend with.

Individuals with very fair skin should only use the bion tanning process for up to five minutes each day. Other individuals with darker skin tones can use it for a maximum of thirty minutes each day.

You will need to start with a low amount of time and then slowly increase it by a couple of minutes until you find your ultimate comfort level.

How much it cost?

You can purchase a bion tanning system for approximately $99. It is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their face full of color. Many individuals feel it increases their confidence level and they get compliments all of time on their beautiful complexion.

The tanning is very even and it is a very simple process for obtaining amazing results. It is getting excellent reviews by consumers so don’t be surprised if many other tanning manufacturers come out with similar products in the near future.