All you need to know about Bion tanning lotions

To get the maximum tanning benefits from the time you spend in front of a bion tanning machine, you need to use the right type of lotions.

The bion tanning system is designed to help you get and keep a beautiful color on your face. With this easy to use system for your home, you can have radiant looking skin all year long.

You will find bion tanning lotions help keep the skin on your face well hydrated. This is very important to having skin that looks and feels healthy. Many of they contain moisturizers so you won’t have to worry about dry or flaky skin on your face.

With so many individuals in our society concerned with the effects of aging, the market is full of bion tanning lotions that offer anti wrinkle and anti aging properties.

Which lotion is the recommended?

For the best results, you should use a bion tanning lotion that contains Tyrosine. This ingredient assists the body with keeping more of the melanin that is produced. It also helps keeps your pores clean and that will help prevent acne outbreaks on your face.

Vitamin E is another ingredient you want to have in your bion tanning lotion. It too helps to keep your pores clean. It will also help you maintain the elastin in your face area. This will keep your skin from sagging and developing wrinkles.

Don`t mix lotions

It isn’t a good idea to use tanning lotions or oils that are designed for outdoor use with the bion tanning system. You can actually end up not developing a tan or have blotches if you use such products.

Due to your face being so close to the bulbs you can end up burning your skin if you use outdoor tanning oils with the system.

If you aren’t sure if a tanning lotion will be suitable contact the manufacturer of the bion tanning system.