Top 3: The best tanning bed brands

There are several different kinds of tanning beds to look for if you are in the market for one to use in your home or several to start a tanning salon. The competition is very fierce so they are continually coming out with new models.

It is important to decide what you are looking for in tanning beds and then look at the different brand who offer models with those features. You can then compare the prices and the warranties to decide which ones will work the best for you.

Wolff tanning beds

The most popular tanning bed manufacturer is Wolff. They offer a wide selection of both new and used tanning beds for you to choose from. They also offer terrific financing options and a long warranty on tanning beds and other tanning equipment. In addition, they always have the parts and bulbs in stock you need for any of their tanning bed models. Most of them can be shipped to you overnight.

Wolff tanning beds have a long history of satisfied customers who have used their various tanning beds and tanning products. Since 1984 they have been a leading in the tanning industry. Their success record is an indication that they will be in that position for quite some time to come.

The entire selection of Wolff tanning beds can be found at You can also call them at 1-770-505-4006 to request a free catalog.

NovaSolar tanning beds

NovaSolar offers the most technological advanced line of tanning beds on the market. They are designed to give you the feeling that you are tanning in the natural sunlight.

They offer compact tanning beds to fit into smaller areas of your home. They also have a complete line of industrial size and performance tanning beds for a salon.

They also offer plenty of tanning accessories, lotions, parts, and replacement bulbs for the equipment they sale. NovaSolar has one of the most complete tanning bed warranties of all the competition.

While their tanning beds cost more, many users claim to get a faster and deeper tan from them. Tanning salon owners are very happy with the quality of the tanning beds and report very few issues with performance.

At, you will find their entire selection of tanning beds including prices and warranty information. You can also call them at 1-888-299-6682 to ask questions or to have a catalog mailed to you. They can also let you know where to find NovaSolar products close to you that you can see in person if you are interested.

ProSun tanning beds

Another top tanning bed brand is ProSun, who has been in the business of home and salon tanning beds for more than 25 years. They offer personal service, even offering to come to your home or your tanning salon building to help you design the layout to maximize the amount of space you have available.

You can see for yourself the quality products at or you call them at 1-800-874-2776.

You will find each of these three top tanning bed brands offer you many different tanning bed models for your home and your business.

Take your time to try out the various models and compare features, prices, and warranty information. You want the tanning beds you purchase to offer you a quality product that will last you for a very long time.

Most people find they get more than they invested from tanning beds if they purchase them from the top ranking brands instead of saving a couple of hundred dollars with another brand that offers tanning beds of a lower quality. In the long run you will have less hassles with a quality brand.