Airbrush tanning supplies for indoor tanning

Airbrush tanning supplies are relatively easy to find online due to the growth of this market, air brush tanning is a method of sunless tanning that involves a procedure of atomizing the self tanning product to produce an even golden tan.

Some tanners would go so far as to say that airbrush tanning is better than spray tanning. Some great advantages to air brush tanning is that it does not involve cleaning, drying and ventilation.

The tan that air brush tanning produces is immediate and allows the tanner to spot any imperfections in his tan and remedy the situation directly.

What´s airbrush tanning?

Airbrush tanning involves the use of a self tanning product which can be a lotion or spray and an atomizer.

The sole purpose of the atomizer is to convert the tanning product into a fine spray and deliver it via air compressors and a specialized air brush delivery mechanism to produce an even tan, without any streaks and tan lines.

A high quality tan provided by air brush tanning is made possible by the high end and technologically advanced mechanisms used in the application process.

Air brush tanning involves the use of DHA solutions, moisturizers and intensity drops for the tanning product. The application process involves airbrush equipment such as air brushes, compressors, moisture traps and braided hoses.

DHA solutions used in air brush tanning should be of very good quality and will only require a single application on the tanner. DHA or dihydroxyacetone is what causes the tanning effect, reacting with the top layer of the skin and producing a browning effect.

Moisturizers are used for sealing in the DHA onto the skin of the customer. This product helps contain the DHA and extends the life of the fake tan. Moisturizers should also be applied to keep the skin of the client very soft and well hydrated.

The product added to the DHA solution to darken the color produced in the reaction of the DHA with the skin is the intensity drops.

The most expensive part of any airbrush tanning machine is the equipment needed for the application process.

Airbrush tanning equipment

Airbrushes come in many types. Airbrushes are composed of the air brush itself, needles that come in sizes 1, 3 and 5, the needles’ corresponding tips and air caps, and the hose.

Air brushes used for tanning can also be used for applying make up and making temporary tattoos.

The best type of compressor to use in the application of air brush tanning product is the continuous type of compressor. Unlike the canned type of compressor, a continuous compressor does not run out. These compressors have a constant supply of air and are relatively maintenance free. Some compressors can also be automatically turned off upon reaching a certain pressure limit.

Moisture traps are a must have item for use in air brush tanning. This item is used in trapping the moisture that occurs when the compressors reach a specific temperature. The use of this product ensures that no amount of moisture reaches your airbrushes and guarantees that the application of the tanning product is safe from any ruin.

The polarizing of tanning products is also made possible by the advancement of modern technology. This allows the product to act a certain way upon making contact with the skin, providing for an evenly distributed tan with more intense coloring.

Newer turbine powered technology has also made the air brush application of tanning products easier. The use of turbine power technology boosts the amount of product that stays on the skin. This guarantees no waste of any tanning product.

All these products and equipment put together will give way to a sunless tanning method that will only take approximately 20 minutes to apply, giving the tanner an even, bronze tone of skin.