How to use tanning beds and stay safe

The best way to use tanning beds is to use them with sense. There are dangers associated with the use of tanning beds, but with safe usage and a bit of common sense, you might just avoid any of these harmful effects and have a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

How to use tanning beds and stay safe

Debates on safety issues and health concerns pertaining to the use of tanning beds are still going on; however, using it is still your choice. You may be looking to purchase your own tanning bed or you may have already decided to undergo tanning sessions in tanning salons, just remember that there are side effects from the use of tanning beds. Just be informed and be responsible.

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How a tanning bed works?

How a tanning bed works

Tanning beds give you tans the same way that the sun does. It exposes you to doses of ultraviolet radiation, however, unlike the sun, tanning beds allow you to control the amount of the radiation and the exposure time.

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When using tanning beds, take the same precautions as you would if you were to go to the beach and tan there. Wear the appropriate clothing and use the recommended lotions as well as the protective eye gear when having a tanning session.

Also, remember to set a smart schedule for your tanning sessions. Leave yourself sometime to recover from the damages that can be caused by exposure to UV rays. Remember, moderation is the secret to a successful tan.

Using tanning beds with sense

Using tanning beds with sense

Common sense can prevent damage from the use of tanning beds. If you know that you have certain skin problems caused by regular exposure to the sun, then, it should follow that these problems can and will be duplicated or aggravated when you use tanning beds.

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Keep in mind that over exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to discoloration, itching, blisters and sunburn – and this is true whether you have sensitive skin or not.

Skin cancer is another serious concern associated with the use of tanning beds. Be informed! Before using tanning beds, know your own type of skin.

Determine whether your family has a history of skin cancer. This factor should be taken into consideration when deciding to use tanning beds. Keep in mind that using tanning beds will put you at risk for developing certain types of skin cancer.

Knowing your skin type should be an important factor in your decision to use tanning beds. There are five types of skin.

The range starts at the lightest tone which is the Skin Type I (Albino). The last classification is the darkest type of skin which is Skin Type V. The skin type is used to determine the frequency and duration of tanning bed usage.

If you intend to tan at a salon, get their qualified personnel to help you in determining your skin type. If you decide to tan at home, read the manuals provided and remember to consult your physician. He can help you create a tanning schedule that is appropriate for your skin type.

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Tips for safe usage of tanning beds

Tips for safe usage of tanning beds

The use of tanning beds can be a great way to look and feel fantastic. Here are some tips for safe usage of tanning beds:

  • Use Tanning beds that are of high quality.
  • Make sure that you are using well made tanning beds from reputable manufacturers.
  • Tanning beds with malfunctioning parts are very dangerous.
  • Quality tanning beds should have warranties and should have some certification stating that it meets safety regulations, has passed safety inspections and meets industry set quality standards.
  • Use the best tanning lotions before and after each tanning session. Good tanning lotions help you get the right tan, trims down the amount of time needed for tanning, moisturizes your skin, and lengthens the life of your tan.
  • Do not exceed the maximum time that is set for staying in the tanning bed. The typical time for a tanning session is approximately twenty minutes. This amount of time should be lowered for people with very fair skin and these individuals should be exposed to decreased amounts of ultraviolet radiation as well. Remember, spending too much time in the tanning beds can cause sunburn and can cause other side effects as well.
  • Wear protective gear. There are sensitive areas on your body that should be exposed to minimal ultraviolet radiation or to no radiation at all. Your eyes are a prime example of a part of your body that should not be exposed to any amount of radiation. Protect these areas and wear safety goggles to protect your eyes and shield them from any radiation.

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Be informed

Knowledge is your best defense. Know the most recent news about tanning beds and the safety issues regarding this equipment. Ultraviolet radiation should not be dealt with thoughtlessly.