Commercial tanning bed financing

You might have some apprehensions when considering online applications for commercial tanning bed financing programs. You might be concerned about the prices of the beds that are shown online, if the shipping of the beds to your location might take too long.

Commercial tanning bed financing

You might also be wondering about the interest rates being offered or the security and safety of filling out online applications for tanning bed financing.

Here are the answers to some of your questions regarding commercial tanning bed financing.

Are the prices of tanning beds in financing similar to the prices publicized on the web sites?

Prices of tanning beds in financing

The prices of the tanning beds as shown online are different from the price offered in finance programs or plans. The prices of the tanning beds online are cash or discounted prices.

Those prices are applicable to online purchases, as well as purchases over the phone or purchases made in person using cash, credit cards or checks.

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The price of tanning beds in finance programs, on the other hand, are calculated based on the normal retail price, which is typically lower than the Manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

The price for the tanning bed offered in the finance program will usually land somewhere between the price shown on the website and the suggested retail price.

How long will it take for the tanning bed to get to my doorstep?

how long will it take for the tanning bed to get to my doorstep

Generally, completing the paperwork required for the financing program will take approximately seven working days. If your tanning bed is in stock, an additional three or five days will be needed to transport your tanning bed to your location.

However, if the tanning bed you’ve chosen is not available, it may take a few more days for it to be delivered. Most applications and other paper work that need to be filled out is express mailed to the financing applicant, so the speed of processing partially depends on you.

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If you return the completed application immediately, then you might be able to get your tanning beds quicker. Remember, all the necessary paper work has to be completed and signed before any tanning bed can be shipped out.

What is the typical interest rate for tanning bed financing?

What is the typical interest rate for tanning bed financing

The rate of interest that covers your finance program for tanning bed depends on the finance company you use for your financing application.

Most companies will offer you a number of choices depending on your credit rating. Some companies will go for the lowest rate that is offered, so be sure to take advantage of that. Remember, interest rates will fluctuate.

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The rates can change several times within one business week so keep up to date and call up your financing company to check for any changes and ask for a quote for their current interest rate.

Is an online financing application secure?

Is an online financing application secure

Most companies that offer online applications for their financing programs do so through their own secure networks and data centers. These companies take the necessary precautions in handling your account, making use of data encryption for added security. All the necessary steps are taken to allow their clients to avail of their program with security and confidence.

If you have any more apprehensions or misgivings about filing your applications for tanning bed financing programs online, call your financing company. They are sure to have personnel on hand who can answer your questions and help you ease your way through the application process.

Keep in mind that these companies are providing you a service, so they should be able to answer all your questions regarding the financing process to ease your mind about commercial tanning bed financing online.